Professional book layout and cover design services to meet all your publishing needs.

attractive Covers

We provide a top level book cover design service that is available to authors and publishers requiring sophisticated and streamlined covers, be it essentially simple, but professional, or graphically enhanced to wow your intended readers. From the fonts—which are carefully selected to draw in a prospective reader’s attention and enhance the overall look of the front cover—to the images—which we can either license or create from scratch to bring your cover to life—we make every effort to craft beautiful covers.

In our design process, we take your concepts into consideration. But if you have no concepts in mind, we can brainstorm a few for you based on your book's content: the protagonist, overall plot, locations, themes, and subject matter, etc. We will also provide a cover that best represents your book's content without giving away crucial plot details (depending on the genre), which could potentially make for an unfavorable reading experience. Choose from one of our three cover design levels:

Standard one-piece covers (front, back, and spine) are designed from one image that needs little to no enhancement. These covers are less complicated to create and are therefore cheaper, but the end result is a high quality product that will befit the loftiest publishing standards.

Graphic covers require a more meticulous method of design, which involves a large amount of time and a higher degree of skill to bring about the desired look you're going for. These covers generally require the use of several images that are layered and flattened to create one seamless image.

Premium covers represent our top of the line design service, resulting in covers that will meet or exceed the high standards of the industry. More time and effort go into these covers, including hand-painted elements, if not an entirely hand-painted cover which will depict specific content from your book.


Books are judged
by their Covers

Our cover design rates are ultra affordable, especially given the caliber of design you'll be getting for your buck. So save yourself some money by opting for one of our three low-cost softcover tiers:

Standard: $300
Graphic: $425
Premium: $600

See our Service Rates page for more.


Dust Jacket Hard Cover

We also create attractive dust jacket covers for authors and publishers who desire this service.


This Sounds Good

We also design covers for audio books like these for Amazon's popular Audible platform.

Original Illustrated Covers

(Drawn and painted by Daniel J. Middleton)

As experienced book designers, we specialize in file preparation and setup with both offset presses and POD printers such as Lightning Source, IngramSpark, and Kindle Direct Publishing. We have been working with these indie printing companies and their customers for years.


Cutting edge eBooks

The future is digital! Let us convert your book to the most popular formats at affordable rates!


eBook Formatting Rates

$0.60 per page
$0.80 per page
$1.00 per page
$2.00 per page

Most Complex

We format eBooks by hand using HTML and CSS in order to closely match the print version of your book. Your file is never run through a meatgrinder, which results in wonky formatting and ugly reflow. All eBooks are validated for compliance with major retailers.

Simple books are mainly text driven, such as novels, while medium books would include bulleted and numbered lists, and a small number of images. Complex books would add callouts, be image heavy, and may include nonstandard paragraph formatting. The addition of other complexities would cause your book to top out at most complex.


The Importance of eBooks

Having an eBook version of your print book gives you a competitive edge in an ever-widening field. The eBook market is a viable avenue for reaching a broader readership and thus increasing the chances of your book's success, while adding value to your publication.

Below are samples of some of our previous eBook formatting efforts:


An Eye for an Eye

Download: Kindle Sample | ePub Sample



Download: Kindle Sample | ePub Sample


The Communication Panacea

Download:: Kindle Sample | ePub Sample

Sophisticated Interiors

If you’re looking for an affordable, professional book designer, you’ve come to the right place. At Scribe Freelance, our book design rates are among the most affordable in the publishing industry. While we normally work with micro press publishers, small presses, and self-published authors, the work we produce is akin to that of the big publishing houses, whose in-house book designers have set the bar quite high. Therefore, our book designs must also be of the highest quality. 

As professional independent book designers, we are dedicated to helping self-published authors, micro-press publishers, and small presses produce the best products possible. In so doing, we provide professional interior layouts for books published via print-on-demand (POD) or the traditional offset press, and ensure quality and superiority in these areas. Our layout service is professional grade, as we strive to apply a meticulous form of interior design with each work assigned to us.

Designing a book's Interior isn't as simple as it sounds, and it requires a professional eye when considering the right typeface and size; leading (line-height); proper hyphenation and text wrapping for tight, clean looking text; attractive headers/footers; industry-standard half and full title pages; a correctly formatted copyright page, and so on. Be assured that our book design will befit the subject matter of your book, as this will be important to your prospective readers.

Select interior PDF sample below:

We take various book genres into consideration, tailoring our book designs to meet or exceed the standards of normal publishing conventions.



Short novel (5x8).



Full length novel (6x9).


Religion | Islam

Full length nonfiction (6x9).


Religion | Christianity

Short form nonfiction (5.5x8.5).